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Buy, Sell, Swap, Trade, Wanted.... / MCL Highway Pegs and covers
« Last post by Gnomad42 on December 05, 2021, 02:21:52 PM »
Hi OzStocers,
I've bought a ST1300 and it came with MCL highway pegs, but at 5'6" they were useless to me, so I'm putting them up here for sale.

$100 pick up in Acacia Ridge Brisbane.


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VICTORIA / Re: Shim servicing required
« Last post by Robert Knight on December 05, 2021, 02:06:44 PM »
I need the problem to be assessed by someone who knows these bikes,could be exhaust leak but I cant tell.
VICTORIA / Re: Shim servicing required
« Last post by Brock on December 05, 2021, 02:02:05 PM »
Its extremely rare for the 1300 and 1100 to need re shimming.
“You know how it is in life. When one door closes – that means another door opens…”

“Yeah, very nice, but you either fix it, or I’m expecting a serious discount on this car !!!!
The difference between a nurse and a nun?

A nun only serves ONE God.
A nurse insisted on using a rectal thermometer to obtain temperatures, because she was taught in nursing school to always look for her patient's best side.

A communist Jew, an old hag who tries to be hip, a manic reality tv star, a bible thumper, a robot and an old man from Ohio who forgot to take his meds walk into a bar....

Pick one to be your next president, America
A group of Middle Eastern Islamic terrorists are entering their 40s.

They stop buying guns and explosives, and instead start purchasing luxury cars and motorcycles.

Midlife ISIS?
The speaker at my bank's drive-through window had been broken for weeks, and we tellers had to resort to miming or writing notes to communicate with our frustrated customers.

One day a sweet elderly lady whom I would see every week pulled up to the window, leaned out of her car and smacked the glass in front of my face. "Hope this is bulletproof," she yelled.
There had just been a robbery at another bank nearby, so I was touched by her concern.
"It is," I yelled back.
"Good," she continued, "because someone is going to shoot you, if you don't get that bloody speaker fixed!" 
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