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63 K service
« on: December 04, 2019, 10:47:37 PM »
I bought Candy just over 3 years ago with around 37500 km on the clock, By October 2017, I think I had brought her up to 47000 just before the Wooli National rally- can't confirm the reading as I've shifted since then and can't find the paperwork.

Prior to Wooli, booked her in for a major service and new front tyre. On fitting the front tyre, that day left for Broken Hill on the way to the rally, with the ABS warning light coming on within 40 km of home. In Broken Hill, discovered that one of the retaining bolts for the ABS sensor no longer there, rode until Cobar to get it fixed.

Next stage, this week. Booked Candy in for a major service at 63K, having kept up to date on the minor stuff - did an 8K service myself at 55K, plus new front tyre.

The Dunlop Roadsmart III did 16K before replacement. I did the rear on the return from Wooli (also a Dunlop Roadsmart III), at around 50/51K, but some 13k later, still has 40% tread left, so looks to be a worthwhile consideration.
Surprising comment from the service was that the clutch fluid was "like mud that had to be scraped out". Wouldn't have thought that the fluid would have been that bad if done at 47K, but then remembered the ABS issue.

Candy is a different ride after new tyre, new brake and clutch fluids, brake adjustment, valves done etc. Took a while to get used to. May need to do the front discs soon.

Got a 5% discount on parts, including tyre, but even so still over $1000 all up.

Spoke to the owner who dropped me at work after leaving the bike, she said they are doing it tough, seem to be relying on the primary producers with trail bikes and quads to keep going. A lot of young kids buying bikes, then not having the money to service or buy tyres, if they can meet the repayments.
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Re: 63 K service
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2019, 05:17:06 PM »
Everyone in the bush is doing it really tough.  Great that you could give them some work.
If the clutch fluid was like mud the bike must have sat for a very long time between uses.  That or someone added an incompatible clutch fluid to the reservoir.  It just doesn't turn to goop with normal use.
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