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WA Nat Rally 2016 Here we come

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Ok here we go. Apparently he rides I write  so I'm told.
We left Warwick on Saturday morning the first day of a 2 month road trip to National Rally in Perth.  All packed and ready to go.  ( was told to trim wardrobe to bear minimum)

We travelled down the New England to Guyra then across to Ebor Falls and have a lunch stop.

From there it was down through the beautiful countryside of Dorrigo where we didn't see
Diesel crossing the street after quenching his thirst  ;-* as it was about 34deg.
Arriving at Nambucca Heads to set up camp for the next two nights.

On Monday we packed up camp and made our way down the coast to Port Macquirie, Taree Gloucester and over Bucketts Way to Singleton.

Tuesday saw us on the road again bright n early to avoid the heat. I couldn't quite get use to the idea of sunrise on the left ( very different from early morning rides at home).  Through the fog and dodging the storm debris we rode the Putty Rd (was on our bucket list and I see why it's so popular) ++ ++ An early coffee at Grey Gums Cafe - not at all how I pictured it. We took a look about Lithgow today and are now settled in at Little Hartley for a few days. 

I am so envious I've nearly turned Kawasaki green

Looking forward to updates and Pics along the way guys  :-++


--- Quote from: Brian on February 16, 2016, 06:17:33 PM ---I am so envious I've nearly turned Kawasaki green

--- End quote ---

What he said !!!!. 2 month road trip. That's a bucket list entry right there.

Totally 100% jealous.  One day it will be me.  What a trip.  Please keep us slaves to our mortgages informed.    :thumbsup


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