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Shiney's 2016 Rally Report #1


Shiney's 2016 Rally Report #1

The trip for us almost didn't happen as Carrol was in the hospital just a couple of days before we were to leave… Luckily she was approved to fly a day before our flights. So we finished our packing and had an early night.

DAY 1      10th March 2016

The next day we loaded the car and headed to the airport, jumped on a plane and headed for WA.



The flight felt like it was taking for ever but eventually we made it.




We landed, met up with the motorcycle hire company and took possession of the hire bike, a Harley Davidson Fatboy Low.




We headed off to the caravan park and although I may have taken the long way (took a wrong turn) we made it just as everyone was heading out to dinner. So we dropped off our bags and headed out.

The dinner was at a local burger joint, a very unique place that even had a fire pit out the front in the middle of the footpath. We had burgers and a good chat. The food was excellent and the company was great.



After dinner we all headed back to the caravan park and called it a night.

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Nice story- plenty of photos!


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