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SS1600 attempt

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I'm setting off in a few hours to attempt my first IBA Saddle Sore 1600.

I mate of mine Des aka 'Wingman' (guess what he rides) will leave at 1am tomorrow for Albury Hay then Mildura.
I'll make a decision here at whether to push on and attempt the SS2000 with Des or turn for home back to Pakenham.

If all is good we'll head for Broken Hill then on for Peterborough. This will be the second chance to pull out having completed the SS1600.

If still good I'll push on to Glendambo finishing around midnight.

Fuel stops and breaks all planned, diet prep and proper rest leading to this point... should be a great trip.

best of luck mate

As Streak said and keep safe n the night

Nice one, it's a strange but rewarding experience, hope you enjoy it!

(It's not me going on the ride, by the way...!!)

Go Champ. Sounds like a great plan with plenty of options.

Hope to read the ride report soon. Good luck to you both.

Cheers, Diesel


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