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Barry's Ozstoc Rally Photo's 2012

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I have dirt and dust all over mine as I did even more gravel roads coming back. Finding cheap beer is good,   :beer as the $5 schooner is alive and well in many places now.  Well worth the mud and cold   :think1 ..but then I haven't just repainted my bike  :'(

Great photos from all, pissed I had to stay home. I never worry about revenue cameras that I am facing as bikes don't have front plate. Gotta slow for the ones following though. So far the point to point cameras only do large vehicles, have seen them go off on cars with caravans, but no mail for me on bike.  :blu13

dont worry Bazza, they ONLY read the front number plate

OH, ! your ST1300 with all the BMW bits, dosnt have a front number plate i hear you say.


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