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Streak's National Rally Photo's 2012


just some photo's of our ride and weekend for everyone to look at as well:

Staying At Our Block in Little Hartley Just Down the Road from Blackheath

Arriving Friday

Rotary Breakfasts

John Bakers ST1100 Morgan

Lunch at the Tarana Hotel With Everyone

Coffee at the Grey Gum Cafe on the Putty Road with 2UpRider and Partner

Sitting at a Servo in Wallangarra QLD/NSW watching the Storms pass, and we are trying to dry out

Awesome photos Streak :thumb
It looks like you and Teela had a great time :runyay
Thanks for sharing :hatwave


Nice pics Graham...good to see you Guys got home safely, albeit a little damp by the look of it :'(

Cheers Dick:)

Barry and Marissa:
Great pics Graham. Glad you guys had a great time. Even a bit of rain on the way home couldn't dampen the spirit after such a fantastic weekend. Thanks once again for all the effort you guys put into this event. It was muchly appreciated by all  :beer 


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