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Greencan's Gallivant...take two!

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--- Quote from: Peter (blueheeler55) on April 20, 2012, 07:19:01 PM ---It'd be interesting to hear how Diesel explained to his other half, the marks on his bum  :rofl and how he got 'em

--- End quote ---

She just shakes her head these days! "Typical"  But she did gufaw when seeing the "dufus trophy" though! I might have to change my sponsor from Penfolds to Draggin!    :wink1

@ The Can.... you are indeed another one of the great characters of OzSTOC et al! That was a fantastic write up and read thanks Dickie. It was a pleasure to meet you and your likely lot in fantastic surroundings. The good thing about these rallies is that there is a prologue and epilogue to each meeting - being the journey to and fro. Yours sounded like a great experience, and you seemed glad to be out amongst it good n proper once again.

But what is a man called 'Greencan' doing drinking Tooheys Old? You'd be lynched if this was state of origin!  (By the way - "Old" that's my poison too so I fully understand).

Thanks Can for a most entertaining read and sharing with us all.     :thumbs

Cheers, Diesel

Excellent write up.. :beer :beer


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