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JuST Peter:
Good pics and good video Kev.
I'm just a little envious of all you guys who had the long rides to get to Blackheath, as it was a great adventure, whereas us Sydneysiders didn't have far to go at all..........ah well, my turn next year :thumb


--- Quote from: Peter (blueheeler55) on April 18, 2012, 11:30:55 PM ---..........ah well, my turn next year :thumb

--- End quote ---

Hey!!! it's not that far........only 1400kms. Should be good for the bike and blow some of the cobwebs out of the exhaust.......lol

Unlike me who has a mere 360km and to find some way through the hills on mainly 80kph roads to avoid the Adelaide urban sprawl.

Barry and Marissa:
Great photo's Kev. Was good to meet you on the weekend too!  :beer

I only had to do 300kms each way, but managed a few backroads that made life more interesting.


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