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--- Quote from: Mitch on April 19, 2012, 02:58:12 PM --- Hi All
        Arrived home Thursday evening at 1830.   :beer :beer
 Report to follow later.   :grin

--- End quote ---


Glad to hear you made it ok. Just a query........what day was that?
Today is Thursday........lol
Nice catching up with you on your way through.

 Still recovering Alan.  >:()
              Arrived home yesterday, Wednesday. :|||| :|||| :||||

Wow, glad you made it back safely Mitch. You got home around the same time I did...

Incidentally, I woke up in my bed this morning thinking I need to ride 6-7 hours

not home yet, i live near lismore, still in sydney visiting family,
seeing my sister tomorrow, she is president of the international womens motorcycling association
what a weekend, excellent company with experianced riders and good weather
2nd week with family, i am one of 10
cant get  better
thanks to all

Barry and Marissa:
Glad you had a great trip Laurie  :thumb
When our Mexican brother ventures north again around June we will plan another weekend away somewhere. :thumbs
Thanks for your's and Marianna's hospitality on the Wednesday night on the way south  :beer   


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