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Mitches trip home

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Mate that was a damn impressive ride thanks for sharing it with us :thumb
You are a bloody legend :-++ :-++


Mitch, sorry to hear about the turkey. Main thing is you're ok.

They warn us about camels, cows and roos going across there but I've only seen dead roos. Oh!! and one stray dog  near the WA side of Mundrabilla.
I've also seen a dead Toyota 4x4 at either Caiguna or Cocklebiddy on one trip. Driver hit a roo at night. All the roadhouses advise not to travel at night across there.

Your costs for the return trip seem on par with my one way 4000kms trips from Adelaide to Karratha. I'd use under $400 when towing the trailer for that distance.

Barry and Marissa:
A great write up Mitch :thumb
Glad you made it home safely. Dem critters out west can sneak up on ya can't they, then ... bang!  :eek It was nice to meet you at the Rally. Hope to see you at the next one.  :beer

Fantastic read thanks Mitch - was great to have your company for the weekend, and a terrific effort made to get there and back.

I found it ironic that the first time you needed your wet weathers was in the very State where it has hardly rained for 10 years!!!!       :eek

Some great miles put in there too on a trip, I'm sure, you will remember forever!       :thumb

Thanks for the great report mate. See you at VH!      :thumbsup

Cheers, Diesel


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