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The National OZSTOC ralley AGM

Day One:
Time to pack.

And I'm off.

Head off at 7.30am from Maryborough heading to Newstead to collect Daniel on his ST110.

And then there were two

We then cruise to Bendigo, where we collect Kevin who made the trip from Tasmania, and arrived from the boat that morning. After stopping at McDonalds (turned out to be a big part of my trip), Coffee and Breakfast taking care of, we then push onto Echuca.

And then there were three
After having Lunch curtesy of Daniel's father, who lives there.
We are then West Wyalong bound.

We make a brief stop at Conargo for a toilet stop…But really it so I could some blood flowing back into my bum.

Pit stop at Narrandera where we meet two guys heading north. One had a solar panelled trailer

Then we powered through to West Wyalong where we stopped at Tony's house after he kindly offered up his house as a place to rest my weary weary bum, which at this point was screaming blue murder at me.

Tony and wife put on a wonderful BBQ and made us feel at home the second we stopped. A massive thanks to Tony.

(during discussions that night I asked Kev if he packed any mugs, remembering he took some to WA on his trip. He said no.)

Day Two:
We raise to the sweet smell of bacon sizzling and coffee bubbling.

And then there were three
The Convoy to Bathust begins.
Cruising past Genfell, Cowra, Blanyney.
I noticed a Police cruiser fly past, and I quietly shit myself not releasing to Kevin had sent the other Tony an text, and whom was going to meet us on the road. Looking and my review mirror watching the police bike turn around and join our convoy. I then twigged the the "Other Tony" was a police officer.
After felling pretty awesome on getting an escort. we then followed "Other Tony" to Mount Panorama, where we meet a few more OZSTOC members


After loosing my mind with excitement. We then progressed onto lunch.

Onto Blackheath. Almost….
After getting stuck in the traffic jam from hell On Victoria's pass and after we almost cooked our clutches. Myself, Kevin and Tony make it into Blackheath caravan park, cursing and muttering to ourselves.

Daniel, who stayed back in Bathurst to check out the track museum. Arrived not long after without issue and was chuckling to himself about having missed the car park of Victoria pass.

After many introductions and me forgetting EVERYONE's name instantly (sorry guys) we head to the local pub for some drinks and nibbles.

Day Three
We get up and devour the awesome breakfast which the local Rotary Club provided I headed out the see the Three Sisters.


Blue Mountains

Getting back to the Caravan Park I noticed a New addition to the fold.

This next batch is instilled "Farkles, farkles, wherefore art thou farkles"

We then headed out to the OZSTOC AGM RTE which was kindly and brilliantly put together by Peter. Big thanks to Peter It was, for me the highlight of the trip.

Seeing so many of the one thing has always unsettled me a little, for example one bee close to you is good. A swarm of them…not so good

Riding with so many ST's was different. it was more a relaxing feeling of calmness.
Everyone was amazing and there wasn't any showoffs and people were riding their own rides which was brilliant for me as I wasn't continuously looking in my rearview mirror in case anyone came up beside me.


Stopping at the Tarana hotel for Lunch. I was still blown away by the amount of bikes and the surprisingly tasty food.



We then continued our journey for photo opportunities.

I almost ran off the road a number of times due to me rubber necking the whole way at the incredibly pretty countryside.

I swear I could have stayed there and stared at the mountains all day.

Day Four.
After saying our goodbyes Daniel and I heading on out merry way, with a huge smile on my face towards Wollongong, and along the Sea Cliff Bridge.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Stopping at Wollongong for bite to eat and a rest up.
Insert image of a random lady with a snake

Arse pain progress report - - I sat down with my Bum and had some words, and we are now on speaking terms again.

We then took a look at Daniels map, and decided to do the a couple of the rides which were close by.

Macquarie Pass and down to Jamberoo mountain Rd into Kiama. I passed a couple of ST going the other way…Who was it??

Macquarie Pass

From there we moved on down the coast to Batemans Bay for the night

Morning Coffee done, time to head off again

The Coast has some great photo opportunities

The Coast has some fresh seafood as well.

So then from Batemans Bay down to Merimbula and then Eden, we decided to push through to Mallacoota.

Crossed the border as my odometer ticked over to 10,000kms

See crossed off another ride in Daniels book from the Princess Hwy to Mallacoota.

Road to Mallacoota

Danny relaxing after arriving

That's when I discovered the horror of my trip odometer reseted itself against my permission back to 0.

Hearing the weather report decide to head off early to stay ahead of the approaching storm. We also patted ourselves on the back deciding NOT to stay at Eden, and therefore missing the downpour.

Heading to Venus Bay for the night at a friends place who kindly turned on the Hottub the night before.

Not much too along here expect empty beach after empty beach…ho-hum, in fact 90 miles of it :)

Made it home.

Total Ride


Time for a shave

Great write-up.

Have you looked at an Air Hawk for your suffering butt?  Not cheap, but effective.

Trying to erase that last image from my mind.    >:()

Dick B "Yewie":
Great report Marcus,
Enjoyed your movies and choice of music



--- Quote from: Biggles on April 19, 2012, 10:47:40 PM ---Great write-up.

Have you looked at an Air Hawk for your suffering butt?  Not cheap, but effective.

--- End quote ---
Yeah Biggles I had an Air Hawk on it hahaha...I would not have come on the trip without it

Sounded like you had a great time. I am looking forward to watching the videos at home.


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