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Stringo's Travels

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Great write up, thanks for sharing  :thumbs


--- Quote from: pluschinoz on April 20, 2012, 04:23:17 PM ---Great write up and terrific videos Stringo. I used to live in Wollongong in the 70's and Macquarie Pass was a regular blast up to the Pie Shop and on to Braidwood and back up the Pacific Hwy.
Can't wait to get an ST.
The Owl

--- End quote ---

and to think i road from lambton heights to jesmond and shortland on sunday 15TH

Had a great time and a great ride. thanks for the company mate.

Awesome pics and vids thanks Stringo - I always knew you were in for a great treat when I saw your proposed route home.

Bet you were     :grin :grin :grin    for a week afterwards and after your      :butt      started "talking" to you again!         :crackup :crackup :crackup

Thanks for posting mate - you've delivered once again!       :thumb.

Cheers, Diesel

Thanks mate,
I actually woke up the next morning after I got back. ready to suit up and head out again and was a little disappointed that I wasn't


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