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Far Ride West #18

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Far Ride West #18 2nd June Broad Arrow pub near Kalgoorlie 

As I cannot now afford to head to the Far East Lightning Ridge trip I will be at this one

anyone else attending ?

I was thinking of going however it is on the long weekend & the Numbat Rally is also on at the same time so not sure if I'll attend both or just the rally yet

The biggest bug bear is that it is a ling weekend, with double the fun points.
Not that I condone or speed myself, however, I do like to qualify in the top three at least.


Im planning to go,  just registered tonight.

STRay (Roo Killer):
 :thumbs See ya's there.

 :think1 Still deciding which way to go ( depends if I still have a job ) :fp


PS: Don't forget the shirts to reset the record!!!


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