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As I put the bike in the shed, patted the tank and uttered the words "that will do bike, that will do" I looked back at one of the best weeks of my motorcycling life.....

The preparation

As most of you have read there was a small saga with getting the new rear shock in, but after a test ride and adjustment we are good to go.

Then the discussion about what you can pack....explaining to a pillion that had never done more than a few hours on the bike that no you can't take entire make up bag, hair dryer, straighter, and 4 Pairs of shoes was more than a interesting discussion, eventually jeans, 1 pair of shoes, 1 hair straighter, plus clothes we are packed and loaded!

Wednesday Day 1 634km

Kids to school and days care, bike loaded and we are on our way, first stop Killarney for coffee, met some nice fellows on KTM's heading bush, so we sat down for coffee, which was ok, but word of warning never ever eat the "Calamari Chips" stomach made interesting sounds for hours after that.

I thought I had planned the first day really well, Heading to Woodenbong from Killarney turned out to be very poor judgement, 41km of what I would describe as smooth as riding through a paddock full of rocks with craters next the rocks! Through in trucks and an F250 with a Gooseneck and it was entertaining to say the least, down side as it was so rough Teela hurt her back so we where stopping every 70km after that to give her a break.

Caught up with Barry in Casino for a coffee and a chat, and it was back on the road to graft on for fuel and another break, Teela was suffering at this stage, so it was an extended break, spoke to a couple of Harley riders who had ridden from Darwin to doffs harbor for a blues festival and where heading home.

Back on the bike to Coffs Harbour, I love this run down as I think the views are brilliant, Teela not feeling the best, but she was still enjoying herself so credits go to her, as we have had so many stops we made the call to go straight through to North Haven 180km, it was nearly 7pm when I realized why how good our Bluetooth devices are....as my helmet burst to life with the words "how much further?"  "my back is killing me, if you don't hurry up I am going to rip off my helmet and flog you with it" (this is the family friendly version)

We rolled in to the Wongarra motel about 7ish, they could have not been more helpful, panadol for Teela offering heat packs, place to put the bike, nice clean room, good bed, $107 with a cooked breakfast, go back anytime! The lady of the motel even came and checked on Teela to see how she was next morning.

Thursday Day 2 466km

Today is what I am calling day 1 after writing off the first day!

We headed for Kew for coffee with Bluehonda (Brad) who could not make it to the Rally, heck of a nice fellow I must say, very knowledgeable, and is riding instructor worth looking up for riding tips.

Down the highway what a glorious day, sun was out music in our ears, Teela was having a blast, this is why we ride a bike just feeling the world slide by with a minimum of fuss.....

We ducked into Freeman's Waterhole for lunch which was very nice, touch off the beaten track, and good tucker.

We headed to Little Hartley where my family owns a nice little block, we parked the bike, turned the power on and headed into Blackheath to meet with the rotary club who was going to cook breakfast for us for the rally, we had a beer with them settled the breakfast menu and drove to the Ivanhoe hotel for dinner and to meet Kerry who was going to be our host for the meet and greet, and our official dinner.

Friday Day 3 15km

Big day this one! After a leisurely breakfast, going to Katoomba washing the olds car and buying Teela some jeans we closed the shed up and headed for Blackheath, as we where booking in Diesel pulled up at the same time, so team OzSTOC was ready

Was not long after that all the faces and bikes started arriving, the chairs where pulled out, a quick duck up to the bottle shop, and we where perched up with cans in hand saying hello to all the faces from the forum rolling in!

as they walked up we shook hands I got their shirt size and started handing out the shirts, and the group quickly became a sea of red and white with the Honda Wing in full display!

Tipsy lived up to his name, and dropped his ST1100 within 5 mins of arriving, and it was one of my favourite moments of the weekend was Harie G was the first man there to help tipsy up with his bike, I went down to help as well and quickly became the guy who was being told to put up a tent by the not old but apparently more "experienced hands" of Tipsy and Harie G, and it was not even my tent!

the afternoon quickly passed by and it came time for the meet and greet, now we had been told the Ivanhoe hotel was a quick walk not even 10 minutes was the word, they neglected to tell us that the walk was up a hill or up through a park, needless to say many of us yours truly included had thoughts of "joining the gym" when we got home! although the walk back down the hill was much easier!

without too many words to put it in perspective, I was sitting at a table with David (2Uprider) and his partner Cathy, looking around the room and seeing all these faces, here we are OZSTOC 2012!! it was an amazing feeling looking at everyone who had turned up. the Ivanhoe did is nibbles hot and cold, did not even charge us a dime, we did help their bar takings for the night!

short stroll home and it was sleepy time!

Saturday Day 4 184km

Here we go, woke to the smell of bacon cooking coming in the window, the Blackheath Rotary club cooking our breakfast, for our official ride day was going to be a blast, and they didn't disappoint, the food was superb (another side note, looking at some of the sore heads grease was needed!). ducked off down the street to fuel up, when I got back John Baker was taking members for a ride in his 3 wheel ST1100, (you're going to have wait and see the photos for this one!) which is a damn fine machine, great fun!.

on either side of the road where just under 30 ST's all the colours, models, farkled, non-farkled, was a great sight to see, I deliberately waited until most of the bikes had left so I had the best view of everything,  we meandered through Blackheath and onto the highway, we turned some serious heads as we moved through the small town of Blackheath, all the locals wondering what the deal was.

as we turned off the Great Western Highway and headed down the Coxes river road, the awareness of what we had put together was starting to click in my head.  Down and over the hills and bends, watching the group of ST1100's & ST1300's tip in and around the bends, coming over hills and seeing the line of Bikes stretching along the road before me, I wish had a camera of some sort that I could have taken shots to see what I could, even when we stopped in Oberon the line of bikes was just fantastic.

Lunch at the Tarana Hotel and the RTE Photo's to go with was a hoot, all the red shirts and everyone waving to Beatup as he clicked away with his camera was great fun. even had a treat along the road as Beatup scooted ahead and took up position on the bridge and took photos of us all coming across the bridge in one big line.

then it was off heading for Lithgow, we all spotted a lonely ST1300 going other way, I bet he felt left out! then it was the Bells line road, and turning the bikes for home, and it was official group photo time, so we headed down the Govetts Leap road, and gather everyone, OzSTOC Shirts and all!

 we did just under 185km for the day, and it was the safest group ride I had ever been part of, we didn't dawdle along, but we didn't ride like hero's either, it was bloody fantastic!

After a shower and a beer or two it was dinner time, the Ivanhoe had reserved the whole dining room for us, it was speeches and what not, handing out awards, I took only small pleasure in handing diesel the award for funniest moment, for not once but burning his rear end twice on a hot plate after consuming a little bit of port on Friday night.....

Sunday Day 5 650km

once again it was that Breakfast smell in the air, this didn't taste as good, only because it was time to go home, it all seemed so short, so I made sure of it and had seconds to dull the pain....

David (2uprider) and I with pillions on headed for the putty road, and Oh My God, that was amazing, broken in half by coffee at the Grey Gum Cafe where we saw some amazing older bikes could have sat there all day and watched the bikes come in.

but we had to go, so into we went, tucked in and tipped the bikes into every corner ST1100 & ST1300 hard at it up and down bends galore, (possibly we may have forgotten about our pillions sitting on the back) by the time we spat out the other end, Teela got off and said "WHAT WHERE YOU DOING? THE ROAD WAS RIGHT THERE!" I need not say any more.....

It was time to part ways with Dave and Cathy, we waved them good bye as they headed east and we turned onto the Golden Highway, this is where we slowed down and just enjoyed the country side and the views, apart from a little rain it was a nice run up to Armidale, I would like to write more about this run, but apart from a little rain it was plain sailing.

Monday Day 6

well it was sleep in, pop onto the bike for this short run home no worries....that was until we hit the Border of NSW/QLD and it POURED down, if we hadn't slept in we would have sailed through here, so it was on with the west and away we went, of course 60km down the road all sunshine, and baking in a wet weather jacket.

rolled into our drive way, unloaded Teela and gear, I put the bike in the shed, patted the tank and uttered the words "that will do bike, that will do"

Home in Toowoomba, 2,300km over 6 fantastic days, add in the rally and it was simply an amazing time, would do it again in a heartbeat, bring on Victor Harbour OZSTOC 2013!!



 Well written Streak and thanks again to Diesel and yourself for organising such a great get together   :-++ :-++  :grin

Nice write up streak, Can't wait for Victor Harbor.

Do we have dates yet?

Streak sounds like you need to buy Teela a Airhawk for the seat  :butt this will feel so much better  :thumb

Great read thanks for that .....



--- Quote from: Marcus on April 30, 2012, 07:40:12 AM ---Nice write up streak, Can't wait for Victor Harbor.

Do we have dates yet?

--- End quote ---

all will be revealed in the coming weeks  :thumb


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