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Diesel's National Rally Ride Report with pics....

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 Great write up Diesel, hope to see you again next year.  :beer  :grin

What a saga!  Most of us had boring bitumin all the way.  It's a wonder your missus lets you out, the way you carry on!   :grin

Thanks guys - I'd also like to make special mention of Tassie Kev of www.ozmugs.com.au and fantastic OzSTOC supporter who trekked up from Tassie to the 'important' island with a bag full of special OzSTOC 1st National Rally 'Commemorative' coffee mugs.         :hatwave

This was all done off Kev's own back and the mugs he handed out to all attendees at the official dinner looked sensational!        :thumb

Thanks a heap mate - I saw the faces of the recipients and that said everything. Mine has pride of place in the..... errr.... coffee mug cupboard, and gets used quite regularly.

Cheers, Diesel

Hey Diesel, how do you mean "head up to Mt Panama Circuit for a couple of laps" - can you just turn up and ride around the track?  (Assuming nothing is on).  If so, how much does that cost?

Hi Des
         Free to go around if you keep under 60kph, gets more expensive the higher your speed over 60kph.  :grin :grin :grin


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