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Diesel has asked ME to do a ride report on the Gold ST1100. my PIC's from the Rally
ME the dyslexic individual who also suffers with , Dyscalculia (Number ‘blindness’) and I am slightly illiterate to boot,
Sun. morn. up at 4 AM pussy foot around so as not to disturb Biggles and Paul, get showed, dressed and a coffee, out the door at 4:35 am
off to the station, 5:13 train to Strathfield
change, get the 7:29 to Newcastle, ring Greg the owner, tell him I'm on my way, arrive Cardiff 9:43 am
he picks me up in his Nissan, a few minutes' drive to Lambton heights
THERE SHE IS   a 1999 Honda 50th anniversary ST1100 with ABS ET AL, pretty fair condition, for 147761 K's
install all my gear. AT LAST wearing the bike gear, so don't have to lug the 20 Kilo's any more,
fill in the paper work and I am ready to hit the tarmac. it is Sunday 10:25AM.

A very bad wobbly start to the trip, almost mount the medium strip 2 lanes over from his driveway,
 somehow manage a left lane turn and the bike and I are away,
down through Lambton, pass my old primary school (1947), over to Jesmond thence to Shortland, Sandgate and Hexham, BUT wait, in 55 years they have changed the roads layouts, get lost, land in Wallsend / Minmi,
damn, back track to Shortland, stop at Servo, put in 19 litres, full to bottom of tank neck, Greg says tank when full is good for 560 K's, with about 80 K's in reserve when the warning light comes on.  Attendant does NOT know how to get to the Pacific hwy, nor how to get to Hexham or to Taree, Lady customer says EASY just stay on this road go STRAIGHT through the round about, takes you to the Sandgate cemetery (Mum's resting since 1954) and out to the Highway.

WOW does this bike want to get up and GO,
pass 2 patrol cars with car drivers pulled over. Before too long going through Bulahdelah, about 100 Ks' from Greg's place, PLUS of course the 11 K. detour (oh did I mention, Greg is a really nice bloke, he rides daily as a commuter and weekend camping rides,) Biggles was right, an ST rider would have to be nice.   
Ride continues to Taree about another 70 K's. bum starting to complain now, so better have a stop,
very well organised roadhouse about a 1/4 mile of the highway, have a snake hiss, some breakfast / lunch, a coffee and some water, maybe 45 to 50 minutes, gear up and on the way. Another extremely bad wobbly start, make it out to the highway.
Have previously promised Mrs. harieg, I will stop before dark, or when i don't feel safe on the road or with the bike, first two choices are Telegraph Point or Coffs Harbour, BUT and she does mean BUT, no further than South Grafton. An hour into the ride from Taree, bike is on song and going just great, ( I hope it does this at least until I get home to Brendale.) how do you keep this thing to 100 or 110 K's ??? almost imposable. at a blink it is 20 to 40 K's OVER. can't take the chance, can't pass anything,
the bike just gets up and GOES.

Bum really starting to ache now, Grrrr, Telegraph Point comes and goes, really slow going through and around the Kempsey area with lots of road works for the new by pass, Urunga comes and goes, Hm. it's looking like Coffs will be it, rear end (mine) now in a bad way, shifting cheeks, legs, left, right, back, forward, stand up on the pegs any time I slow down for road works, HOW far to Coffs?, ah about 1 hour, that will do. The ride as you approach Coffs is a bit slow, some road works and 60 KL M per hour, see 2 more patrol cars in the 80 K's road works area.

NOW! it is only about 80 Ks to Grafton and I am just getting my second wind, bum is terrible, but if I persevere, maybe Grafton is achievable, so what's another hour.

Oh for the past 65 K's, the orange fuel light has been on, initially it was just blinking on and off, but for the last 40 plus K's it has been steady, PLEASE don't run out of fuel here, no safe get of places, no phone coverage (Vodafone).   AT LAST, South Grafton, pull into the servo, will probably take 28.1?.2 litres I bet, run into the loo, "ah ah that's better", fill up, 23 LITERS EH what does that mean. WHAT is the reserve ?.
book into the caravan park and unpack, go get some dinner (PIZZA)and a little scotch (well 26 OUNCES)

During the night it comes to me, DIESEL asked for some Pic's. I had better not let him down, so in the morning I'll take a couple, that will keep him happy.
Up at 5:30 am, all the usual, pack the bike take a few pic's and hit the road at 7:00 on the dot.

Out of Sth. Grafton on to the Pacific Hway, HEAVY fog visibility no more than 200 meters, follow a Chubb coin carrying Armoured truck, he knows the way, must do it all the time, doing 20 over the posted, so I'll stick with him, Maclean comes and goes,49 minutes later fog is starting to clear, plus 2 small rain showers, but I am as dry as can be, more road works, filter to the front of the queue, making good time now , then a few more small showers road a bit wet, stay down on the posted speed.  Crisp morning, clear air, Dry Rider rally cross Pro II jacket is comfortable and I am snug,

Somewhere around Tabbimobile a fair bit of roadwork's, one stretch is 3 lanes but 60 KLM, up on the pegs, a 4 wheel drive passes me and the car behind doing well in excess of 80 KLM Hour, doesn't he know it is the end of Qld. school holidays Police are out in force, so far I've seen 2 hiding behind obstructions and 5 on the road, good luck to you mate. By now I have come to realise, all the small country towns on the highway have a posted speed of 50 KLM an hour, with a warning sign about 200 meters before the town limit, get to Broadwater and here is the speedy 4 wheel drive getting his license handed back through the driver's window, with a speeding fine included.

Ride continues without any problems, Balina comes and goes, Byron bay comes and goes, Billinudgel comes and goes, bum giving problems NOW, again shifting cheeks and any other trick I can find for a bit of relief.  Arms, wrists, back and legs all OK, concentration also good and on to Mt Warning area.
Maybe I should stop at one of these road side rest areas, hmm I'll try for the one at Chinderah about 21 K's, that comes and goes keep going, maybe back of Tweed is a spot, NO, "keep going HarieG", don't stop now.

no nothing at  tweed , Caltex at Reedy creek is on the wrong side of the highway, miss the Servo just past Reedy creek on the left hand side, BUT I can stop at the Caltex at Mudgeeraba that's the go.  Pull in to Servo, quick hiss, a coffee and 250 Mills of water, about 45 minutes stop, GOOD  take some more photo's for Diesel, saddle up and last leg to Brendale.
Get to Beenleigh, a motorist pulled over getting a ticket, just between Tanah Merah and Loganholme and a BIG rain shower, cant see more than 250 meters slow down to the posted speed, 2 K's further on out of the rain, get to Springwood, and get caught in another massive rain shower, this one far more severe than the first, but my road gear keeps me dry, warm and snug. turn onto the Gateway motorway, easy ride for the last bit, take the Boondal turn off, will surprise Mrs. HarieG at her place of work, pull in to Roghan road,
she hears and see the GOLD 50 and comes out to say hello, "how is the bike, how was the rides", ALL "great" I tell her and then do the last 12 K's to home arrive home at 11:15am

Some stats for those that like this stuff TOTAL K's 827
odometer start 147761 ODOMETER FINISH 148588
2 petrol stops 19 litres and 23 litres, still to refill the tank,

now to ask for some advice from you old hand riders
seat        have an Airhawk now to try
tires        likes and dislikes
clutch    what is the acceptable free play
screen    how to clean an EXTREMELY dirty , yellow one.

Hi Ya Harie...

and glad to here that you got home OK and had a great trip and a bloody good read as well...well done that Man :thumbs...your opening line of "A very bad wobbly start to the trip, almost mount the medium strip 2 lanes over from his driveway, somehow manage a left lane turn and the bike and I are away certainly got my attention.

Now Harie, wanna earn another 26 once of single malt of your choice? :think1...come on Mate I have even got the spelling of ya name right!!!

...Well it's yours!!!! All ya gotta do is front up to Barry's place in Alexandra Hills and insist that you take him for a dink...too easy ::)

Cheers Dick :)

Nice right up. First time of heard of the anniversary model other than a Goldwing. Live and learn.

Tyres, not much if you stay with standard 1100 sizes. Bridgestone BT 021 and Avon Storm 2 is about it for the rear wheel.

Clutch free play. The handle along with the brass insert may need replacing. The brass insert does wear as it pushes on the master cylinder piston. If the wear gets to bad the lever is next in line. Has happened on mine

Hi Harieg
              Great reading,  :thumb  in one of the photos the pretty gold one looks left out without a cover.  :grin


--- Quote from: Mitch on May 06, 2012, 09:24:39 PM ---Hi Harieg
              Great reading,  :thumb  in one of the photos the pretty gold one looks left out without a cover.  :grin

--- End quote ---

sorry MItch
say again
missing cover ??


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