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at last the ride report

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Great write-up harie.  Beautiful bike.

Has the timing belt been changed?
An Airhawk will be a big help for your sorry arse.  A sheepskin over the top of it will be even better, look better and keep it safe.
Metzeler Z6s work well on ST1100s.  I prefer them to Bridgestones.  Don't know what the new Z8s are like.

Sounds like she's easy on the petrol.  507 km was the best I ever got out of my 2000 ex-Police bike.  That fill took 26 litres, and it hadn't quit.

here is the bit you missed

BGLs, I asked him 4 or 5 times, each time he said YES to changing the timing belt,
has Metzlers now, BUT it has large lumps on the front tyre, and Mick's has said it MUST be replaced for the transfer and road worthy,
I'm not sure about the fuel consumption, will check total litres for say the next 3 or 5 tank fulls. possibly carry a 5 litre plastic Jerry can for an emergency refill, then I will have a good idea
bought Stinky Pete's AH  very cheep, now to adjust etc.

 :wht11 py
I have the PR3's on mine Harie and I find them terrific and the rear is 180/55-17 you will see them on the 19th

Good right up

Nice write up there, we all know you will enjoy the bike  :beer


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