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Far Ride West #17

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Got my route planned accomodation booked can't wait for this one.
I know a few others here are registered too see you all on the 25th Feb

I plan to leave in the afternoon and stay in Albany. In Denmark by 11.30 then home Saturday arvo


I'm leaving Fri Arvo staying at Ravensthorpe then on to Denmark Sat, ride home on Sunday

STRay (Roo Killer):
 :phone Accomodation booked.

 :thumb Oil change on bike done.

 :thumbsup All electrics/electronic farkles tested and working.

Swag rolled and ready.

 :CB-- A couple of different routes planned.

 :hatwave Roll on Friday midday !!!!!!!


Make sure OZSTOC shirt is packed for world record attempt at most OZSTOC shirts worn by ST Owners at a FarRide


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