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FarRide East #18 My First FarRide

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Well Girls & Boys,
                           Toomorrow is D Day, first FarRide ever, it is going to be great fun fail or not, hopefully the heavens hold off, we have had to re do the route a couple of times do to the flooding!

Watch this space for updates!

Enjoy.  They are a wonderful event and supported by some good people.  I've just done Farride Tas No 9, enjoyable weekend for 1601km.

Yeah, what Carsten said but I only managed a paltry 1234kms. The first one is a challenge. Then you're hooked and the rest are for fun!


I would have liked to make that one but unfortunately I can't.  If the weather is OK you'll be fine, but even an ST can't beat the forces of nature!

I will see other Ozstoc members in Nambucca Heads tomorrow or on Saturday.  It might only be Diesel and Streak, but you can't help that    :p


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