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FarRide East #19 - Lightning Ridge

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Time to start up the next one.  Ride to Eat at Lightning Ridge, NSW - Saturday, 26 May 2012.  Some are keen to go there so I hear   :whistle.  Who else may be going? Registration is not open as yet, but make sure you read the start docket time  :well

I should be there, just thinking about the route there and back.  I have to do one more qualifying 1000km run (unless I do an IBA run before - unlikeley!), but will probably aim for a 1200 distance just for the fun of it.  I hope to know by then whether work is going to pay me to go away for the next year before I was going to retire early anyway  :runyay so hope does not get in the way of planning more rides   >:(

I'm IN saaz, and I'll get YOUR starting docket too if ya want!      :p

A few of us are planning to spend the night fellowshipping with our FarRider friends at LR then heading to Nindigully the next night (free camping - $20 rooms) to enjoy a whopping T-Bone steak or Road Train Burger - so, if you want in, think about planning this into your trip.

Here are some links....


It's only 275kms away...


Cheers, Diesel

I will have a think about that.   :eat

It will mean a 950km return trip so better  :wht11


Now thats a burger  :thumb

I want one

FarRide East #19 - Lightning Ridge.
Lightning Ridge, NSW - Saturday, 26 May 2012

Registrations are open!


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