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Extending the over mirror Police Light Brackets - ST13

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Tired of the windscreen 'kissing' the back of the HID canons I have mounted over the mirror, I decided to go see my engineer and have them extended to clear the screen during its movement. I figured a 40mm extension was good enough - turned out to be perfect.     :thumbs

He did a great job - now to sand them and paint....

So far, so good. Picking up some satin black on the way home tonight to finish them off.

You've been quiet for a while.  Was wondering what farkling you were up to.

good job  :thumb

Ok, I have tidied up this thread, since I started the off topic bit  :spank

Having just tried to fit the brackets to Lionel's ST13 I can why this modification should be done before fitting the brackets, unless you want to cut the screen up.  Well done young man  :clap

You didn't consider powdercoating for a tougher finish?


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