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Panniers - How to stop being scratched

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Gerard & Sandra:
Any ideas on something that can go on top of Panniers to stop being scratched by pillion as they throw leg over the bike (bar using touch up paint).
Gerard Beard

There are some strong clear vinyl self adhesive materials available.  You might try a search on some of those terms, as it was discussed in this Forum a fair while ago.  Apparently sign writers use a suitable product.

Some use a clear contact adhesive.

(UV stable ?)

Honda part number 08P73-KBV-800 and is a generic item for all models so your local dealer should be able to get it but at what cost?

David Silver Spares (UK) shows as being out of stock but priced cheaper than the eBay seller

It appears from the eBay link that it's made by 3M so maybe a search for a local retailer from the company website might be best.

From an earlier post about this

Found this part number 08P76-MCS-100 for a Saddlebag Scuff Pad Set


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