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Title: clutch fluid replaced
Post by: zevk on September 16, 2014, 08:22:33 PM
I just flushed and filled my clutch fluid. Sorry no photos to share   :spank

Despite completing this simple procedure exactly 1 year ago, the rubber baffle was coated with significant condensation (water) and the base of the master cylinder had a thin sediment of dark crud.
Manufacture recommendation is normally every 2 years, but I would strongly advise annual flush and fill, if bike is stored in high humidity areas, like Melbourne...
My bike is stored in a closed shed but it cant escape condensation and humidity.
Unless your name is Jay Leno and you have a heated humidity controlled garage for your 600 vehicles...
The job takes 20 min with my “Mighty Vac” pump! it makes it a breeze, flushed 4 reservoirs worth of dot 4, “Castrol high performance” hydraulic fluid thru the clutch line, all for $10.00 and peace of mind, till next year.
I hope to enjoy smooth gear changes.   :beer
Title: Re: clutch fluid replaced
Post by: Nigel on September 16, 2014, 09:02:48 PM
Interesting, 2 weeks ago I went for a ride up the hills (Sassafras) up Mountain Hwy. Got to the top and sitting six deep in line ( tourists ) clutch started to sink on me. So what is normally at levers length was sitting at half mast.. Oops, time for a bit of TLC. Went and bought a vac pump :grin purely to sort out fluid change, removed cowling to expose slave cyl, thought oh, there`s the oil filter better change that too together with an oil change. So far all good.
Flushed clutch, front brake, and rear brake fluids as well so all good and all in good order. I`ve had this bike just on 12 months (full history) and it had just been serviced Aug `13. So time for its next service oil/filter. Since doing that minor bit of maintenance, I have learned a lot about the bike. Conclusion was that the reservoir for the clutch must have been a little low and caught a bubble or two. But its one task, as Zev says, that I will be doing  with my next oil change just for piece of mind............................................  :wht11
Title: Re: clutch fluid replaced
Post by: zevk on September 16, 2014, 09:34:47 PM
one thing leads to another Nigel, but all in a day of fun...My experience with dealer servicing is they often DONT flush the entire sytem, they just suck the reservoir fluid, wipe and refill with new fluid. Some nasty ones, don't even do that and claim the task has been completed. I trust no one. Now that you have the vac pump, its a breeze to do it yourself!
Sassafrass is lovley, I live in Templestowe are you nearby?
Title: Re: clutch fluid replaced
Post by: Nigel on September 16, 2014, 09:48:29 PM
True, we live and learn. I too, prefer to look after my gear as much as I can ( knowledge wise ). Just had the fork seals done . I am at the base of Mountain Hwy at Bayswater so its a 5 min ride to get to the fun. Try to run up there a couple of times a week, clears the head  and helps the skills ( or lack of ). More and more to be learned though. Plan to go to the maintenance days at Greencans also Adelaide? if I can. Bike was Cop serviced and Dealer serviced, so happy there, but you never know/??????????????............................................ :wht11