Author Topic: 27-03-2018 Gauge Light Replacement  (Read 665 times)

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27-03-2018 Gauge Light Replacement
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:36:00 PM »
First up remove the screen and the black garnish panel.

DSC_1543 by Alan, on Flickr

Then you need to remove the 4 bolts holding this panel in place and remove that though due to wiring I can only move it out the way; mostly.

DSC_1544 by Alan, on Flickr

The Tacho globe is the easiest and plainly visible and it also gives a clue to finding the others by the wiring colour; green and brown/white

20180217_193107 by Alan Williams, on Flickr

This is behind an 1100 panel which has a lot less wiring than the 1100A and I needed to find the lower speedo globe location and all four globe locations are clearly visible

light locations by Alan, on Flickr

Not only does the 1100A have more wiring in there it also has the Spark/TCS module to reduce the working area and it all makes locating two globes harder and the 4th almost impossible.

20180129_164439 by Alan, on Flickr

You need four globes which cost me $22.40 posted from Northern Motorcycles in Port Augusta

DSC_1546 by Alan, on Flickr

The easiest one first and it works. The centre one and the top speedo globes were difficult but a lot easier then the lower speed one. I can't see it and even feeling for the rubber socket wasn't easy. I had to find the actual wires to gently pull it out and then move it up above the spark unit so I could swap the globe over and then one has to find the hole (no, not that one) for the globe to go in - eventually got there and all four globes now work.

DSC_1545 by Alan, on Flickr

This part plus the three clips that hold it on replaced the old well worn part during the headlight plug repair.

DSC_1542 by Alan Williams, on Flickr

This is where it goes but I have a feeling I put it the wrong way

DSC_1548 by Alan, on Flickr

Slight out of focus except for the key.

DSC_1551 by Alan, on Flickr

I checked all the globes as they were replaced and all were blown. Going back over the last few times that I rode at night I could see the speedo wasn't as bright as normal and just thought one blown globe but not an urgent thing to do. Then not having any gauge lights at all and then only the tacho and fuel/temp light come on mystified things a little.

Can't complain as it's the first time I've replaced them in the nearly 11 years of owner ship.
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Re: 27-03-2018 Gauge Light Replacement
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2018, 06:24:14 AM »
Great guide mate, thanks for sharing :thumbsup :hatwave
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