Author Topic: Brake Pads and Rotors  (Read 5382 times)

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Re: Brake Pads and Rotors
« Reply #25 on: June 17, 2012, 04:50:46 PM »
at the inspection, they told the disks had to be 6mm or greater, and mine were down to 4mm in 3 places they put the gauge on, as well as the high wear rate in the 2 front disks
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Re: Brake Pads and Rotors
« Reply #26 on: June 17, 2012, 11:19:05 PM »
thanx for that Saaz
the road worthy man said the front disk's were only good for another 3 to 5K
so i chose the softer pads to try and extend the front rotors

what do you say "BGLs"

I'm finding the sintered pads on the back to not be as "grabby" as expected- feel a bit wooden compared to the OEM pads which I assume were organic.  Judging by what saaz says, they need to get hot to be really effective, and I never get my brakes hot- I try to plan ahead and use the gears.  Based on that, they should last a long time.  They've stopped squealling, which is a relief!
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