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no tyre pump? try these


these look to be a bargain?? hopefully life time supply, for myself a couple of years or three

Look interesting.  You can also buy 6+tool for about $29 (looking at the recommended below it).  Should be a bit smaller/easier than a compressor

So..... how many cartridges would you need to fill a tyre?

An ST rear would need 2 canisters from flat to get you to around 20 psi......enough to limp to a tyre repairer  :whistle

But here's the catch....most ppl will only carry 2-3 canisters in their tyre repair kit, and you don't know if your roadside puncture repair is a success until you add your second canister. So if your choice of plug didn't take and you need to re-plug your out of gas  :popcorn

So what many do is......carry both, a small compressor as the primary method and a couple of canisters as back up.



--- Quote from: Tokhi on August 18, 2015, 11:19:13 PM ---So..... how many cartridges would you need to fill a tyre?

--- End quote ---

It took four to get my son's VFR rear up to 30psi.


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