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johnnyYTED's 2015 Rally Ride Report.
« on: April 09, 2015, 12:53:35 PM »
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 Sunday morning the weather wasnt the beST so at breakfaST it was decided the planned ride was cancelled leaving everyone to do their own thing. My morning was spent catching up and more chatting and Farkle inspections..
I decided to do a ride to Kingaroy via Oakey Cooyah Maidenwell to check out our old home near Kumbia, then return via the New England. The road my Mum  lived on for 27 yrs was dirt, then when we left it was tarred.. so I juST had to ride the blackSTuff for the 1ST time.
Sunday evening with 40 others we gathered to devour about 20 yummy pizza's sitting around reminiscing the weekend, and STill 1 more chance to meet new members.[/img]
monday morning time to pack up and piss off on the reST of my journey. I rode across to the coaST to Gympie, via the Gympie-Woolooga Rd. another 1 I lived on that was also dirt now tarred the whole rd' . I got to Widgee and turned back to ride it again,, followed by a STop back on the farm to say 'Howdy STranger'. I spent a few days with a dear friend in Gympie before heading southwards, Eumundi overnight then, back to Gympie, I left meds behinds, :fp,
I then headed to Daisy Hill to pick up a Corbin 2piece seat for BIKERJIMBOB from TOTGAS, OzSTOC Courier Service in action..
 I rode down as far a Grafton and got a room for the night. My evening meds are making it difficult and potentially unsafe for night riding.. so checked in at Grafton Motor Lodge.
On the way south Friday I left Grafton on the Orana Way and was planning to cut across to Dorrigo, but I ended up on a dirt Rd. Uturn, back the way I came,,, I discovered this somewhere on the Orana way.
I met BIKERJIMBOB at the Ourimbah service centre to pass on his new seat, then hit the peak hr traffic on Pennant Hills Rd    and arrived home in Picton 7.15 pm..
My week away was fun, and a total of 3164k's. I had a ball. Thanks to all who attended and contributed to my experience. I look forward to riding weST next year for OzSTOC 2016 National Rally..  :clap :rockon :runyay   
here is a link to all my Rally pics,, I hope it works
Picton  if it doesn’t flood higher than previous times.
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