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Childhood Brain Tumor

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Hi all,
My grandniece Imogen has been battling a brain tumor for the last two years.  She has endured, brain surgery, a horrible bout of aggressive chemotherapy that left her with one foot in the grave, and a further brain surgery when the cancer returned.   The tumor is back again, and treatment options are very limited.      One avenue being explored is to send a biopsy of the tumor the the USA where DNA analysis can be undertaken to search for vulnerabilities in the tumor.   My niece and her husband, and this vibrant little girl need all the help they can get, and I would encourage you to make a donation via the listed web site towards the $6,000 needed to have the DNA sequencing undertaken.

In addition to any donation that you can offer, I would ask for your prayers for Imogen, and for wisdom and insight for her medical team.

Prayers  - Done  :thumb
Donation -Done  :thumb
Shared on FB - Done  :thumb

We can win this fight  :rockon

Pocket STocker:
Happy to help Pete. We wish Imogen and her family all the best thoughts.

Pockey  ;-*

 Pete I hope Immy's fundraising is successful
 Donation done  and shared on facebook  :thumbs

26 June  re-shared again on Facebook, I will keep it circulating..  :thumbs

A donation sent.


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