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"sloppy" front forks


Hi folks. Putting this up as some people may have some ideas.

The front forks on the ST seem to be very soft. But not always. If I drop the bike off the centre stand, it seems to almost bottom out. I can jam the front brakes on, and the anti-dive seems not to work, as the forks again almost seem to bottom out. Over some bumps, I have felt the forks top out as well. If I hold the front brake on, the forks seem ok for one bounce, and then seem to go soft again.

I have done nothing to the forks since I changed the oil about 12 months ago. Everything was working fine until today. Correct amount of oil was put in at the time, as was the correct weight ( 10 weight )

It's sorta like a worn shock on a car, sort of "bouncy"

Any ideas ??

Just been out to the garage, and I can top out the forks just by sitting on the bike, holding front brake on, and bouncing. It's almost as though there wasn't any oil in the forks. Also, the anti dive doesn't seem to move when brakes are applied, and the f/end bounced................

sounds as though your seals are shot causing loss of oil, drain each fork and collect the oil, see how much you have.

Unfortunately no indication of any leaks. No oil residue on fork legs, no dust/dirt collection on seals, no indication of oil on fork lowers. All as clean as a whistle

After doing a bit of research, it seems my anti dive is not operating properly.

Also, with a bit of stuffing around with the hand brake, and bouncing the f/end, I can stiffen the forks..............


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