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Hi everyone,
I've been told by a friend that my ST1100 suspension feels like an old couch that was left on the footpath.
As it's 20 years old am I better of buying a new shock, or getting the old one rebuilt at somewhere like RAD at Moorooka?

Gnomad 42

The shocks parts from the early years 1990 (L) to 1994 (R) could be repaired but parts would no longer be available.

From 1995 (S) the shock was changed and from this year it was then a throw away item.

I've put a Progressive (brand name not spring type) on ours and there are two local brands as well.

This one is in the northern suburbs of Adelaide

And this one

Not even sure if you can still get an original shock either

You are correct about the original shock. Honda catalogue says it is no longer available.

Our 1100AX (1999) OEM is still available but at $700 you could get a better aftermarket one


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