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Video on how to do the seals on the front forks

Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals.

West Aussie Glen:
A good find Brock. Just about to replace the seals on my 88 GL1500.
Some great hints and love the improvised allen key.

Not my find Glen, I just followed a request by Marco to post it somewhere that would be easy to find.

Just make sure you get the right diameter ones.. up to '95 and police - models 41mm.. Post '95 (except police) 43mm.  I ordered some online and received the wrong size for my '96 police model, the company exchanged them but it cost me an extra couple of bucks to send the first ones back.

Watched that vid prior to doing mine, I wish it had been that easy.
There is no way the screw cap can be replaced whilst holding the spring pressure, I had to use a ratchet tie down strap over a socket drive with allen key fitted to get the tension and not X the thread.


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