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2021-04-03 Hills Sculpture Trail
« on: April 04, 2021, 02:23:06 PM »
In february I posted this on my facebook page with the caption "what the hell is it?"

Two weeks later a co-worker whom I added after that not knowing this posted her picture of the same thing on my page asking the same question.  She mentioned a pole being behind it so I went for another look.  This was the first I knew of the Hills Sculpture Trail.

I thought it would be a good walk so went home and researched it.  Since it extends as far as Milang that turned out to be a bike ride waiting to happen.  That said, I did snap this one in Bridgewater on one of my walks in the depot area last week.

With many of them being in Mount Barker and me working a short shift out of Mount Barker on good friday I decided to get some before and after work.  This actually isn't one of them but I stopped for a picture anyway.

This was probably the least impressive of the lot.  I got that before work

Saturday I hit the road for Mount Compass, Milang and Langhorne Creek before making my way back to the Mount Barker area.  Ths isn't one of them but passing through Nangkita I stopped to get a picture of this.  I had mean meaning to do it before but always wizz by before spotting it and thinking "next time".

This was in Milang and upon posting it on facebook this morning Stimpy referred to it as an ancient prototype knuckle duster.

The one in Macclesfield was pretty cool.  Actually the whole area is full of sculptures and does look like a nice walk.  I was going to nominate the Macclesfield Hotel for an RTE venue next year so if that gets the nod may come down and take a good look at that park then.

Next stop Meadows.  I forgot all about the Meadows Easter Fair.  Road closures and limited parking but I still managed to find what I was looking for and leave.

Then it was off to get the rest in Mount Barker and Mount Barker Summit.  The course so far.

Nairne's was pretty cool.

It swivels.

Refuelling at Littlehampton and taking a breather I decided it was getting too hot and I didn't want to deal with Hahndorf visitors and parking decided to get the one at Littlehampton I already had and then go home, leaving the rest until the following morning (today).  This one in Totness isn't one of trail but I saw it a lot at work and did wonder.

Spotwalla was missing points again so here's another greenalp map.  I didn't have those problems with the Tumby Bay trip but did often push the green spot, yellow spot, fuel, meal and overnight icons to keep it on it's toes.  Maybe I should have done that yesterday.  Live and learn.

This morning I hit the road to complete the job.  Off the freeway at Verdun.

I was in Hahndorf before the crowds.  This one swivels too.

Hahndorf supposedly has two sculptures, but I couldn't find the second.  I saw some of the local fauna though.

After going up and down that road and finding zilch gave up and headed for the rest.  I knew where they all were so from here on in it was plain sailing.  There's still some autumn leaves about but they are shedding just as quickly as they appeared.

I always think this one in Lobethal looks like dildo when I drive past in the bus.

Another one I already had a few photos of but never knew it was part of a trail.  To me it was a big key.

Stopped at Bridgewater even though I had taken a photo of this last week walking through the area.

I actually noticed this yesterday but there are three bowling ball like holes in my helmet.  I deduced that there is a bit on the back that's fallen off.  It makes a joke of the regulations saying you can't modify a helmet because essentially that was a modification.  My worry is that if it buckets down will the rain trickle through to the inside of the helmet.

All that was left was three from Stirling.  This one is fenced off.

I spotted this Versys in Adelaide after checking my GPO Box on the way home.  It's not a 1000 though.  I saw one of those on the rad last week on the way to work.  I think it's only the second time I've seen a 1000 on the road but couldn't get pictures.

Today's portion:

As for the one in Hahndorf I didn't get, I actually went back and had another look between Mount Torrens and Bridgewater and still couldn't find it.  The official website says "SITE GPS 35.0128°S, 138.8057°E The Cedars, Hahndorf (Note: Installation is planned for 2018)" so it needs updating, either to say it's there or it isn't.  I'm guessing it isn't.  You can find the whole list here:
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