Author Topic: International Events - AKA Willo's Trip Planning 2017  (Read 648 times)

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International Events - AKA Willo's Trip Planning 2017
« on: July 03, 2016, 04:19:54 PM »
I have posted this in the forum, but figure there may be some worthwhile local advice.

I currently have lots of spare time on my hands, time for planning a US / CA touring in 2017.

Spare time is a result of me last Sunday falling on a slippery, muddy slope and busting my left leg. Helen, my wife, took me to the Emergency Department at a local hospital. The short story is a cracked fibula and tibia, orthopaedic surgeon put in two screws, overnight in hospital, plenty of pain, plenty of pain killers, getting better, 12 weeks before I get back to "normal" - plenty of time for planning.

Some background - our daughter and son-in-law are currently living & working in Vancouver, their work Visas expire 30 April 2017, after that they'll be touring the CA and the US in their Subaru Forrester, returning to AUS at the end of June 2017. One of our options is to meet / tour with them for a week or two towards the end of their trip and then completing our two months trip in their Forrester, with around two weeks on an ST1300.

Into the mix of plans comes the annual NatSTOC event. This appears to regularly at Spearfish, South Dakota on the second weekend of July each year. Some initial observations and questions are:

1.  The NatSTOC 2017 event is one worthwhile attending. Am I correct?
2.  Am I correct with location and dates? If not, when would they and other details be announced?
3.  Riding between Washington State (pick-up the ST13) and Spearfish, and many of the roads between would seem to be more than enjoyable pastime. Am I correct?
4.  On my bucket list are Pikes Peak and Mt Evans. Am I correct in assuming these would also be achievable in two weeks of touring on an ST? Keep in mind the ST needs to be dropped-off in WA.
5.  I expect we would be on the ST for 10 days out of 14 we would be travelling on the bike, and travel around 5,000km / 3,000m. I / we are not Far Riders or have an Iron Butt, but 300m days are achievable.

There are many other items on the bucket list, we're hoping to see many of these touring in the Forrester. At the end of the trip, we'll be returning to Vancouver to sell the Forrester (this is to be pre-arranged) and return to AUS.

Any responses to my questions, questions I should have asked, and constructive comments on my observations will be welcomed.

Cheers, Williamson (AKA Michael)
Cheers,  Williamson (AKA Michael)

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