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Flashing Fuel Gauge
« on: March 04, 2020, 09:14:35 PM »
A couple of weeks ago the fuel gauge on my ST1300 started flashing all bars nearly everytime I went for a ride, and then after about 10 minutes or so of riding it would start to working again.  My best Google-foo found what resistance the upper fuel sender should show from full to empty, a troubleshooting page that suggests an open circuit in the fuel sender unit, and most advice was to replace the upper sender unit. 

I'll cut to the chase - I found an intermittent open circuit in the sender unit which is likely to be an issue that others may experience and be able to repair.

Overall the sender worked fine, but there are two pins that connects the two wires from the sender unit inside the tank to the wires on the outside of the tank that plugs into the bikes wiring harness.  Essentially the wires on both sides are only crimped to the connector pins.  And it is this crimping that appears to be intemittently open circuit.

Scratching back the pins on both sides enabled soldering the wires to the pins on both sides.  This removed the issue of a bad connection between inside and outside the tank and I've not had a problem since.
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Re: Flashing Fuel Gauge
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2020, 09:50:26 PM »
Thanks for that.  After a recent post I immediately thought of "bad battery", but your failure was isolated to the fuel bars and not the rest of the display.
Well done on finding the simple fix.  Always a pity that manufacturers settle for quick connections in electronics.
The fuel indicator system is quite accurate and reliable considering its just based on a float and a potentiometer.
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