Author Topic: Wire Crimp (terminals) tools and wire.  (Read 12115 times)

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Re: Wire Crimp (terminals) tools and wire.
« Reply #50 on: December 17, 2020, 12:44:25 PM »
to tin a thick wire bundle, requires a pot with heated resin into which the wire is dipped. The wire is then dipped into a pot of molten 60/40 solder and held there for a little while to allow solder to heat the wire and penetrate.

The tinned wire is now inserted into the terminal end loaded with molten solder and help firmly until the solder has started to cool and set.

Thank goodness that's for thick bundles!  The gauges of wire I use get covers all the strands with a bit of tinning (checking both sides, the bottom can miss out).
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Re: Wire Crimp (terminals) tools and wire.
« Reply #51 on: December 18, 2020, 12:08:23 AM »
I did mine in 72, and again in 73 ( radio course and the Elecfit course) and again a few more times when I did advanced electronic repair and multi layer circuit board repair courses..

No I cant see the tracks on the boards with out a microscope.

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