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Camping from the Tardis bag
« on: September 23, 2015, 12:56:53 PM »
I had a demand reqested repeatedly from Marcus to do a spiel on the camping kit we had with us on the recent Balranald RTE. We travelled to this RTE in the car as we had a plan after the RTE to go bush for the night into Mungo NP and out via Pooncarie to Cobar then home via the warrumbungles NP, but plans got changed at the last minute so didn't eventuate. This kit was set up for the two of us but can be modified easily back to one person and a smaller bag.

Tent is a 3 Person Spartan by Explore Plant Earth. Was about $150 on special from Wildearth.

Weights under 3kg, Alloy poles and pegs, pole clips, and colour coded for poles and fly. Tent has 2 screened access doors and 2 vents.

I have a passionate hate for fibreglass poles, steel pegs and sleeves you need to thread the poles through.

Orange Mattress is a Exped Synmat7: 183x51x7cm. Has an R value of 4.9

Black Mat is an Exped Downmat7: same size as above but has an R value of 5.9

The R value is an insulation guide for sleeping mats.....a non-insulated air mattress has an R value of 0.7 and that why you freeze your ass off, that and they are inflated with your own humidified air from your lungs that transfers even more of the cold through to you. Anything above 4.5 is suitable for the average person in average Australian winter conditions (non alpine). As Pockey is a colder sleeper than I she has a 5.9 that is suitable to be placed even on snow, her mat is filled with down that is sewn into the mat. Both mats have an internal pump that inflates with ambient air and not your humidified air. Elastic webbing stops the mats separating when used as a double.

Pillows are both inflating and store about half the size of your clenched fist and have a soft touch finish....a hint if you are bothered by the slightly plastic feel and noise is to use the next days T-shirt as a pillow slip.....irons your shirt too.

Sleeping bag when we are together is a 0 degrees rated Darche double with 500gsm insulation and 70D water resistance outer shell, when solo I use my MSS here

Cooking is a Jetboil, it heats water brilliantly but not great for cooking/heating food but possible if your vigilant and keep your food moving. You can buy the jetboil frypan and various attachments, but this doesn't suit our less is more concept of light weight camping.

Chair is a copy of the Helios chair ($29 from Aldi and thanks Ppopeye) we had our eye on the Helios chairs and table but no dealer close and didn't wish to make a rash online purchase for that sort of money without planting our rumps in them.....the Aldi chair is a ripper and very comfy, table is made by oz trail and we have had it for years in our off-road camper.

Wilderness wipes (shower cloth) microfibres towel and Aquim gel take care of short term hygiene.

Lighting is a ledlenser LED headlamp and torch with a cheap LED tent light.

Food for us is generally an Up an Go with a coffee, muesli bars, fruit and trail mix during the day unless we share a salad wrap on the road for lunch, and pub meal at night unless we resort to a backcountry dehydrated meal with the Jetboil......they are good value and tasty's not the food you eat when camping it's where you eat it that makes it all the more enjoyable.

If solo this all goes into a waterproof 65ltr Caribee bag pictured  and across the pillion seat or spread across the panniers......OR a 90ltr if packing extra bedding for 2 and in the car.....although the double sleep bag doesn't fit inside this bag.

We use some of this gear; Mats, Pillows, Jetboil, chairs, table, double sleep bag eye in the bike camper it's all stored in a big cupboard at home and added to the bag/bags/camper/4x4 as required.

We have come full circle with our camp gear from starting with swags, to family tents and a Off-Road camper with showers, toilet, solar and fridges......and now to a more simpler less is more attitude.  ;-*

Good deals can be found at Wildearth which is one of the better camping stores we have gear suitable for Hiking seams to work well for light weight or bike camping.

Hope this helps Marcus.  :thumbs

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Sighted it....Wanted it...Chucked a fit...GOT IT !!!!
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Re: Camping from the Tardis bag
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2015, 02:48:07 PM »

lol thanks... a lot of cool gear for someone who doesn't camp. I'm taking notes for Perth and beyond
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Re: Camping from the Tardis bag
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2015, 03:07:12 PM »
Think I'll wait for boxing day sales, and then


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Re: Camping from the Tardis bag
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2015, 07:01:01 PM »
excellent read, appreciate your effort in posting
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Re: Camping from the Tardis bag
« Reply #4 on: September 24, 2015, 05:41:18 AM »
My next vehicle is going to be an SUV I think, so this info will be handy for that too.
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