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My can opener no longer works.

It's now a can't opener.
Lights and Lighting / Re: Aussie Stedi Lights
« Last post by ruSTynutz on January 22, 2021, 10:05:38 PM »
This may be of interest... :popcorn

Then of course there's the legality of LED conversion kits to consider...
I use a really strong sunblock when I go to the beach.

It’s SPF 180: - You squeeze the tube, and a jacket comes out.
I guess this is what happens after you’ve worked at the same place for a while?

I was eating at a fast-food restaurant when an employee began his shift by walking into the kitchen area and calling out, “Honey, I’m home!”
A three-year-old stuck out her hand and said, “Look at the fly I killed, Mommy.”
Since she was eating a juicy pickle at the time, Mom thrust her contaminated hands under the faucet and washed them with antibacterial soap.
After sitting her down to finish her pickle, she asked, with a touch of awe, “How did you kill that fly all by yourself?”
Between bites, the girl said, “I hit it with my pickle.”
A husband was berating his wife for spending too much time on social media.

"What the hell are you Tok-ing about every day??"
Gratefully appreciate your kind offer. I would need both crankcase halves with intact bearing shell holders and that was where I hit the problem last year, not many engine sellers were willing to break the engine to check and the 2 people in USA who I did convice to do so found the same problem ie fretting in the shell holders !

I thought I am better finding a specialist machine shop who can overbore the shell holders to fit custom shells that match a replacement crank, that way I should have a bullet proof engine that will go forever. Problem is that none of the machine shops have equipment to machine a small block engine.

Its not looking likely I will get the ST1100 back on the road in UAE so I figure I'll wait until I move somewhere else and buy a similar ST1100 there and transplant all my refurbished parts across to the frame and engine.

My feeling is that the engines are probably okay if never taken apart ie they can handle this shell bearing fretting issue if left alone and thats probably why its not a widely discussed issue
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